NICE Management Team

NICE is currently managed by a group of elected five NICE members. Each Director brings a diversity of experience and expertise in renewable energy and co-operative models and give their time on a voluntary and unpaid basis.

Karen Arbuckle, Chairperson

Karen is one of the original founding NICE Board members. She returned to the role as NICE Chair in 2019.

Karen a former HR Manager retired from the NHSST in 2011 after more than 20 years service. She became proactive in renewable energy around 2012 and actively involved in Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative – one of its six turbines is situated on the family farm @ Connor, Co.Antrim, her husband Rodney is a Director in Drumlin. She has experience with marketing and communication of community share offers to various audiences in Northern Ireland. Karen is an advocates for community empowerment and resilience particularly with regard to realising, utilising and sustainably managing natural resources for the benefit of communities.

Tiziana O’Hara, Company Secretary

Tiziana O’Hara, Co-operative Alternatives provides a range of administrative support to NICE such as maintaining our member register to advice on legal, financial, business and democratic governance to NICE Board. Co-operative Alternatives is the only body in Northern Ireland entirely devoted to developing successful co-operatives and community benefit societies. In addition to the services she provides for NICE Co-operative alternatives can also provide tailored training and business support to all groups who want to do business in a co-operative way. For further information regarding Tiziana and Co-operative Alternatives follow this link

Cye Bannon, Treasurer, NICE1

Cye is one of NICE founders and former Chair. He is a chartered accountant and NI Civil Servant. In the past he has volunteered in an advisory role with the Rathlin Island Trust, was a founder member and treasurer of Belfast Kayak Club, and more recently provided solar thermal training and guidance for Transition Towns and other community groups across Ireland. He studied in Belfast and Tokyo and holds a degree in Computer Science from Queens University Belfast.

Douglas McIldoon, Director

Douglas has invaluable knowledge and experience having spent most of his working life as a civil servant in Belfast and Brussels in posts dealing with planning, regional development, urban regeneration and energy. Douglas retired from the civil service in 2005 having served for ten years as the Energy Regulator for Northern Ireland. Douglas is a member of a number of boards such as Bryson Energy, Ulster Community Investment Trust and Northern Ireland Co-operative Forum. A keen co-operator, Douglas would like to harness co-operative ideals, enthusiasm and structures to the alleviation of fuel poverty through energy efficiency and community-owned energy projects.

Pat McCarney, Treasurer NICE2

Andy Frew, Director

Andy is an Architect and Senior Project Manager with NIHE and former NICE Chair.

Steve Golemboski-Byrne, Web & Social Media Support

Steve has been working behind the scenes with NICE to provide web and social media design support.

Steve’s familly run business is Lackan Cottage Farm a permaculture smallholding which enjoys a spectacular situation and beautiful vista of the Mourne Mountains.  The family smallholding features natural building, eco-renovation, renewable energies, permaculture gardens, forest gardens, regenerated & newly planted native coppice woodlands, waste water treatment systems, rainwater harvesting, small livestock & horses. A practical, lived-in permaculture demonstration site. Further information about Lackan Cottage Farm low impact and off grid small holding