Open Source 2015 Event – 9th May

Open Source 2015 Event – 9th May

Karen Arbuckle, NICE Director is joining the Co-Operative Alternatives Clinic @ THE OPEN SOURCE 2015 EVENT which takes place at the Big Table – a temporary intervention on Lower Garfield Street, Belfast on Saturday 9th May @ 12 noon.

Tiziana O’Hara, Director Co-Operative Alternatives is facilitating this clinic.  Have an idea about a co-operative? Want to know what you need to set it up? Need to find out more about co-ops and how they work? Not sure if a co-op model will be suitable? Take the opportunity and come to this clinic & get some information & tips on the spot.

NICE is presenting as one of the most recent co-operatives currently supported by Co-Operative Alternatives.  Karen will be available on Saturday to share and answer any questions on NICE user experience & how the Co-Op was assisted and supported in bringing its community energy enterprise to fruition.

The Open Source brings vibrancy to a vacant property and provides space for free workshops, performances and exchange of ideas throughout the day and into the early evening. Run by volunteers and made possible by the donation of the space, furniture, equipment and the artists’ time, The Open Source relies on the spirit of collectivism and collaboration to provide a dynamic and creative hub.

The hub of The Open Source 2015 is Lower Garfield St Belfast.  The street will be buzzing with music, art, theatre, workshops, good food, interesting discussions, laughter and craic.

All events at The Open Source are open to the public and free to attend. No booking is required but spaces are limited so arriving early is advised.

A location map is available here:

A day to view programme for this 3 day event can be viewed here:

We look forward to seeing there.