NICE Community Event YMCA Londonderry

NICE Community Event YMCA Londonderry

NICE were delighted to facilitate a North West community event at the YMCA Londonderry/Derry in liaison with the YMCA and Co-Operative Alternatives.  The event allowed NICE to showcase its community energy project, engaging & working in partnership with local communities to establish & develop community owned renewable energy projects.

Karen Arbuckle, Nice Director explained “traditional energy companies aim to maximise their profit that reaches only a small number of individuals whereas NICE as a community owned co-operative is based on a decentralised & far more equitable model that helps the environment, helps the local community, & is built upon principles of fairness.  This is an investment in sustainable energy resources for the benefit of future generations”.  She added “NICE is run by members of the local community for the benefit of the local community”.

Jo Bird of Co-Operative Alternatives explained the Co-operative models & how similar projects such as NICE could be established. She advised “Co-operatives are democratic enterprises trading for the benefit of a community and its membership. Their focus is local &  their practice is based on the co-operative values of equality, fairness & solidarity”.

NICE brought its community share offer to fruition through Co-Operative Alternatives that have been commissioned by the Building Change Trust to deliver the “Community Shares, Ready!” programme of support, an alternative financing model that is suitable for many community groups, charities and social enterprises.IMG_0635

YMCA Londonderry the latest third sector organisation to contract & benefit from NICE Co-Ops free solar PV installation generously hosted our North West event & were both happy to promote our initiative & appreciative of the benefit that they as a third sector will enjoy in joining with NICE.  Willie Lamrock, YMCA Londonderry General Secretary was glowing in his praise of the Co-Op, he commented “NICE are a dream to work with the process has been a simple one,this is a win win situation for us”.

Conal McFeeley, Creggan Enterprises  confirmed their interest and support for NICE community energy co-operative model.   He explained Creggan a social economy initiative is determined to build a viable, sustainable and successful community by creating opportunities and conditions for local economic and social development operating their affairs in a socially and environmentally non-damaging way. He said “energy should be owned by local people NICE is a good example of how local communities can take ownership and benefit socially, economically and environmentally”.

Many thanks to those on 24th April who invested & joined NICE & to those organisations that expressed an interest in further follow up for possible installation we look forward to your further interest and contribution to NICE. .