Drumlin Wind Energy & NICE Co-Ops Community Energy Afternoon

Drumlin Wind Energy & NICE Co-Ops Community Energy Afternoon

Held on 5th September 2015 at Breezemount, Connor

The weather was absolutely fabulous, a gorgeous, cloudless, very sunny day with a lovely slightly cool good wind, perfect weather conditions for this joint co-operative renewable energy showcase celebrating Community Energy Fortnight 2015. Go ahead and check out usave – business gas prices in case that you company is looking for energy waste reduction.

Drumlin and NICE are currently in Northern Ireland pioneering community owned renewable energy co-operatives.  Northern Ireland lagsfar behind GB, EU and international progress in this industry. Here you can read more about the Payless Power and how to manage it in the correct way.

Rodney & Karen were the first landowners that entrepreneur Andrew McMurray had approached and signed on board in leasing a site to Drumlin.  Both Rodney as a Board Director and Karen supporting E4all in marketing and communications have been actively involved in Drumlin Wind Energy Co-Operative.  Following this involvement Karen was approached and has been engaged on a voluntary basis as a Director in NICE, Northern Ireland’s first energy co-op established as a community benefit society, an initiative brought about by Cye Bannon.

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In continuing their support to both co-operatives and community renewable energy initiatives the Arbuckle family were more than happy to host this event to highlight, raise awareness within the local area and wider community, the work of these co-operatives, achievements to date and their desire and commitment to progress promotion and development of community owned renewable energy projects utilising energy efficiency practices and technologies.

The co-ops were delighted with the response and support shown for this event.  Some 60 people came along on the day, a diverse mix of interests – co-operative members, neighbours, friends, family and interested groups both North and South Ireland.

The Board’s of both Drumlin and NICE wish to convey their thanks and appreciation to those who helped make the day a success.  In no particular order they are:- Mae Blair, Chief Caterer; Anne White, Tiziana O’Hara, Anne Ford, Karen, catering contributors; E4all, Co-Operative Alternatives; Andrew; Rodney & Karen and last but not least to those who came along to our event your support was much appreciated and we hope your interest will continue in our enterprises.