Another Shining Accolade for NICE

Another Shining Accolade for NICE

Action Renewables Awards 2016 – NICE Won Best Community Renewable Energy Project

On 31st March 2016, Director, Karen Arbuckle represented NICE at Action Renewables 2016 Awards held at Titantic, Belfast.  NICE enjoyed we believe the most competitive and award winner table at the event!  Karen, NICE was seated with Nigel, Lawrence & Louise, Bryson Energy; Tiziana & Rodney, Drumlin Wind Energy Co-Op and Pearce & Zoe, BCH.  Despite the competiveness commaraderie and well wishes were sincere and of course there was a bit of good N.I. craic too.

NICE received winning first place in the category Best Community Renewable Energy Project which was sponsored and presented by Belfast Health & Social Care Trust!  A list of all thARaward2016e category results can be found on the Action Renewables website.

Of course we couldn’t let the afternoon go without some photographs of the event.  The feature photograph is of NICE ‘shareholders’ Lawrence, Karen and Nigel.  The last photo is Tiziana O’Hara, Co-Operative Alternatives who provided support to NICE through the Community Shares Ready Programme funded by Building Change Trust and Karen, NICE.