Northern Ireland Community Energy (NICE)

NICE is a pioneering and innovative not-for-profit social enterprise.  It was established in December 2014 by a group of volunteers with a track record in renewable energy and co-operative models.  NICE vision is to create community-owned renewable energy projects and energy efficiency services which retain financial revenues within the local community and contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.

By engaging and working collaboratively with communities NICE aims to:-

  • help local communities to become more resilient by recycling and retaining money rather than seeing it syphoned out of the community on fossil fuels;
  • provide an economic benefit reinvestment through a community fund for further community energy initiatives;
  • reduce their utility costs & become more sustainable;
  • showcase renewable energy and low carbon technologies;
  • give the local community an opportunity to share in economies of scale;
  • share technical expertise and growing knowledge base;
  • empower and share in decision making invigorating local democratic participation;
  • demonstrate community energy enterprises can support the switch to renewable energy at the same time as strengthening the local economy;
  • generate, clean, green, reliable and affordable energy.